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S2 Themes

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Greetings! If you'd like a chance to have your name and sense of color coordination to go down into livejournal history, you've come to the right place. Every month a different S2 style is selected for users to try to come up with color themes for. Users submit the theme here, then those submissions are narrowed down by a small group of judges. The finalist are then voted on by the public and the winner gets their theme added to the list of available themes for that style.

1st through 14th: Submissions
14th through 21st: Judges selection
21st through 28th: Public Voting
28th + : Winner and next style announcement.

For information on how to change to S2, go here.

For information on how to customize the colors in an S2 style, go here.

Once you have selected the colors you want to submit, go to Your Layers, find the user layer for the style you are working with, click on Edit.

Copy all but the first line (layerinfo "type" = "user";).

Go back to Your Layers.

Go down to Create layout-specific layer and select Theme for Type and the style you're working with for Layout. Click on Create.

Below the content in the layer, paste the information you copied from your user layer into this theme.

Enter the following information into the top of the new theme:
layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "(YOUR THEME NAME)";
layerinfo "author" = "(YOUR NAME)";
layerinfo "author_email" = "(YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS)";
layerinfo "source_viewable" = "1";
Of course, filling in the values in () with your own information.

Next, click on Compile. If everything is successful, click on the << that is next to Your Layers at the top.

Now, your theme layer is completed, the next step is to create a style with it so that the world can see your fantastic colors in use!

Click on the link to Your Styles.

Find the text input area below Create Style.

Enter a Name for your style. I tend to name it something like: [style name] - [theme name].

Click on Create. Note that you are only allowed up to 10 styles. This includes any styles that the wizard creates. If you don't care to save settings for a layout you're not using, you can modify or delete that style to create one for your color theme.

Select the layout that your theme is for and click Change.

You should now be able to select your theme layer from a drop down box next to the word Theme.

Click Save Changes.

This will take you back to a list of your styles. Next to your new style's name is a number with a link. Copy the following links and replace [username] with your username, and [id#] with the number of the style.


Also provide a link to view the source of your layer. You can get this URL by clicking on the number of your layer in the Layer Browser.

All submissions are screened until after the contest for that month is over.

Once the competition for this style is over, you can easily reuse this style by clicking the Edit button and selecting a different layout and a different theme.